Safety for YOUR Business: How Proper Lighting Prevents Crime

If you are a business owner, safety for your employees and your clients is likely of utmost concern. Many owners go to great lengths to protect their place of business, including the installation of high-tech security systems, cameras, specialized locks, and more. However, one of the biggest safety measures they can take is usually overlooked: their lighting. From the parking lot to the front door, lighting sets the tone for the exterior of your business, and can be a huge deterrent to those who mean harm if done correctly.

Lighting in your parking lot ensures that clients and customers feel safe during early morning or evening hours when natural light is fading or gone altogether. Not only does it bring attention to your business by catching the eye of passerby, but a well-lit parking lot also gives customers confidence in walking to/from their vehicle without feeling at risk in any way. Having a dark parking lot is almost like an invitation for criminals and will attract exactly what you don’t want around your workplace. Additionally, dim parking lots are much more likely to have problems with loitering and less-than-wholesome activity, which isn’t good for the curb appeal of your business.

Lighting around your actual place of business is also of major importance. Once you get through the parking lot and approach the building, a well-lit entry is what sets the tone for your customers. If you have a sign, make it noticeable with quality lighting. Also, make sure there is plenty of light shed on the front door and other points of entry (like windows) to make criminal activity less likely, and place lighting on any walkways customers might have to take into or out of the business to again make them feel secure and safe during hours when daylight is nonexistent.

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