What’s New in LED: How the Agricultural Industry Is Utilizing LED Lighting

LED lighting is a hot topic in the lighting industry, but that’s not the only industry affected by this modern light source. The educational field for example has long since researched the effect of lighting on the classroom environment, encouraging teachers and administrators to incorporate as much natural light into a classroom as possible, and opt for bright, cool colors to promote a calm atmosphere ready for focus and learning. LED lights mimic natural lighting, and are therefore a great choice for classrooms and school buildings. One industry utilizing the benefits of LED lighting though might surprise you. Agricultural experts are beginning to incorporate LED light choices into their greenhouses and farming environments, as the lights can be specifically programmed to meet the unique needs of each type of plant by specifying the wavelength. How does this work?


LED lighting, as mentioned above, mimics natural light. Therefore, it can easily be used to help with not only greenhouse environments used for germinating seeds and giving plants a solid start in life, but can also be used to extend the growing season for some plants since they can be grown in an indoor environment and still reap the benefits of natural light (with an artificial source). These Horticulture LEDs even claim to help some plants grow faster than natural light since they are able to be tailored to each plants individual requirements for optimum growth. This could revolutionize the food production industry as farmers could grow some types of food year-round and reap a much larger harvest whereas before they were limited to a limited growing season. We think that’s a pretty major contribution of LED lighting to the world at large.


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