Get Lit with Retrofit: How This LED Lighting Option Could Benefit Your Business

“Re-purposing” is a trendy hobby for many people currently, television shows, social media (especially Pinterest) and even local businesses are capitalizing on it. Everyone seems to have a way to take an item that is no longer usable, or is not as functional as it used to be, and turning it into something new, beautiful/helpful, and ready to live a second life as a restored item. In the LED lighting industry, we too have a “repurposing” option, and while not as crafty or artistic as some restoration projects you’ve seen, it’s changing the game for businesses everywhere.

Retrofit LED lighting is essentially “repurposing” your existing lighting setup in your commercial space. While the lighting fixtures, and type of bulbs used, will change, the internal portions of the system can usually remain the same, saving you the money and hassle of having installation crews tear out your ceiling and/or walls to re-do the entire lighting structure. Retrofit kits come in variety of shapes and styles, so you can still upgrade the look of your lighting if you choose too, while gaining the many benefits of LEDs!

Here are the advantages a few of our recent customers are seeing:

  • Anytime Fitness saw a 63% reduction in their lighting cost when they upgraded with LED retrofit solutions!
  • Freedom Trailers saw a noticeable increase in production as well as reducing their annual energy costs by $20,000.
  • Republic Bank needed a new look, as their current lights were outdated. Opting for commercial retrofit solutions not only gave them the modern look they wanted, but it will save them over $30,000 over a 10-year span.

Each business has its own unique needs, level of energy consumption, budget, and desires, so while retrofit kits are a wonderful solution for many, not all businesses can go this way, or choose to. That’s why having experts like those at NetZero USA LED Advantage Florida is key in making the best decision for your business. We offer a free energy audit, which will give insight to your annual usage, key times of usage during each day, and which LED lighting solutions will better meet your needs while saving you money. We use the results from these audits to customize a lighting plan for you, and then execute it quickly and efficiently so you can see the benefits sooner.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting for your business. We are ready and waiting to help you get “fit”…retrofit!