The Fun Side of LED Lighting

LED lighting is proven to save money, save energy, and provide better lighting for both residential and commercial spaces. However, when you think “commercial space” you typically envision a warehouse, a gymnasium, an office building, or even a factory. However, “commercial” really refers to anything that isn’t residential…aka a house. That means a commercial space could include places like amusement parks, arcades, theaters, or even the local putt-putt golfing course. So, how can LED lighting benefit these types of “fun” businesses?

First, LED options are extremely customizable in today’s market. The availability of fixtures that can be programmed to specific colors and light display has increased drastically, and you can create almost any effect you desire with LED lights. This is a big deal for businesses like arcades and theaters, since these places rely heavily on ambience and the lighting they utilize is a big part of creating the atmosphere. By installing new LED fixtures, or choosing LED retrofit options for their existing lights, they can better achieve this ambience and increase their creativity, thus giving their customers a better experience all around.

Additionally, LED lighting for these types of businesses is easier. LED bulbs last exponentially longer than their incandescent counterparts, and that means fewer rounds of changing out bulbs, which actually eats up a lot of work time when you have as many lights as these amusement-type spaces usually have. Just think how long it would take to go through and evaluate every bulb in an amusement park! LED bulbs, with their longer lifespan and durability, are a great way for commercial spaces to save their time and increase efficiency since workers won’t be spending valuable work hours on changing out bulbs and checking lighting.

Finally, amusement spaces can save a significant amount of money by switching to LED. Again, the sheer number of bulbs alone give an indication of how much energy goes toward lighting these places each month, and over time, that adds up to major costs for the owner. We have countless clients who have experienced huge savings by switching their lighting fixtures and bulbs to choices available through LED advantage, and we’d love to do the same for you!

No matter the type or style of your commercial space, NetZero USA, LED Advantage is here for residents throughout all of Florida. We take pride in customizing a lighting plan for each of our customers to ensure that they get maximum savings and the highest quality results. We’re ready to help your business “get lit” with LED. Call us for your free energy audit and to start a discussion on how you can save money and offer a better experience for your customers.