How Much Is Too Much? Tips for Lighting Your Commercial Space

We all know that, in life, there can be too much of a good thing. Lighting is no different, as anyone who has been in a blindingly bright space can tell you. While not having adequate lightning can lead to headaches, vision issues, and/or an increase in accidents and mistakes on the job, too much lighting can also cause headaches and vision issues, and could, in fact, lead to less productivity in the long run. Why? Well, if you are overwhelmed by the amount, or type, of lighting in a work space, you’re going to experience eye strain much like you would if you were driving or spending time outdoors in our bright Florida sunshine without sunglasses. The unfortunate part is, sunglasses aren’t exactly an option in the work place, so you’re forced to compensate for the brightness, and this puts strain on your eyes and can lead to painful headaches and blurry vision as mentioned above.

So, when you’re considering new lighting options for your commercial space, how do you decide how much is too much? Here are some tips to formulate a lighting plan for your space:

  • Consider the purpose for each individual space. If your business has areas for meeting with clients/employees (like offices), a storage or warehouse area, and a work zone, each of these areas will require very different types of amounts of lighting. Offices and meeting space need comfortable light, and while not dim, it does need to be softer than the lighting you’d use in the nearby work zone or warehouse space. Warehouses and work areas need to be brightly lit to allow for maximum visibility on the job. Lighting experts (like us!) know how to evaluate the square footage and help you decide how many fixtures will be needed to offer just the right amount of illumination in your space.
  • Determine how much natural light you have to work with. If your business has multiple windows and the majority of your work time is during daylight hours, it goes without saying that you’ll need less lighting than a business with a windowless warehouse that operates 24/7 and has overnight shifts. The amount of natural light you have to utilize in your commercial space plays a big part in determining how many fixtures, and what type of fixtures, you need to make sure your space is best lit during all times of the day.
  • What is the mood for your space? Consider a restaurant, a school, and a factory environment. A restaurant needs “ambience” and usually soft, clear lighting is the best way to achieve that for diners. A school needs light that mimics natural daylight as much as possible, since natural lighting has been proven to boost the moods of students, promote better performance by kids AND teachers, and overall improve the atmosphere in the educational space. Finally, a factory requires very bright light to make sure accidents are prevented among employees and to promote safety of those on the floor. The fixtures in this space need to offer varying levels of light, to go along with the various shifts and time of day. Night shifts need more light, like we already stated.

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