We Want You to See Green! How LED Can Save You $$$

With St. Patty’s day coming up quickly, we’ve got green on the brain. A very specific shade of green in fact.

It’s not shamrock green.

It’s not leprechaun green.

It’s  !!!

Yep. We have money on the mind, and how we can help you keep more of it in your pocket this year. While everyone else is planning out the perfect party to celebrate the holiday, we are busy working hard to make sure our clients are getting the biggest bang for their buck, and we want to help you do the same. There are many ways that LED lighting can save you money in your business space, increasing your profits and lowering overhead costs. A few of the key points in saving money when upgrading to LED lights are:

  • LED lighting uses less energy. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent fixtures, LED lighting options utilize completely different technology, burning less energy and saving you money on monthly electricity costs. Additionally, since they burn much cooler than older lighting options, they don’t contribute heat to the work space, therefore saving on your AC costs as well!
  • LED offers retrofit features. When it’s time to upgrade your lights, you aren’t forced into spending money on all new fixtures. NetZero LED Advantage offers retrofit solutions for many of our lighting options, meaning you can transition your existing fixtures over to LED lights, therefore saving you money  on energy costs without interrupting business operations with a lengthy full-system upgrade.
  • LED lighting offers customizations. Unlike traditional lights, LED fixtures can be programmed to work around you and your employees. Have lots of natural light during the day, but need a lighting boost at night for the evening shift? Easy! Simply set lights to a dimmer setting during the daytime hours, and have them go brighter once the sun goes down. You can also program lights to turn on/off during certain hours, so you can save money even when you’re there!

Let us help you see green this year…in your wallet! We offer a free energy audit for your commercial space, so we can see a detailed breakdown of your current energy costs and consumption, and which solutions would best save you money and give you better lighting at the same time. Why wait? Give us a call!