LED Lighting and Your Health: Is There Really a Connection?

Recently in the world of LED lighting, the topic of health and safety in relation to lighting choices has come up, sparking discussion among various professionals about whether or not LED lighting has any affect on the physical well-being of individuals. From city streetlights to the overhead lighting in commercial warehouse spaces, LED lighting options have taken the world by storm, since they offer better lighting, significantly lowered energy costs, and require far less maintenance than their predecessors. Has this affected the health of the human population though, or will it in the future?

In short, the answer is, yes. LED lighting can, and does, affect the human body, but that is not necessarily a disadvantage. How exactly can the lighting you choose affect your physical performance and health? Here are just a few of the many ways LED lighting can affect people in every day life:

Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Ever heard of a SAD lamp? It’s a lamp used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and can be a life changing look for people who struggle with seasonal depression and anxiety. If you aren’t familiar with this condition, it sparks feelings of sadness, fear, restlessness, etc. based upon a specific season…most often in fall and winter (when the days are shorter and more waking hours are spent in darkness). LED lighting in the form of SAD lamps are bright bulbs that mimic natural sunlight, and in many cases, can help ease the symptoms caused by Seasonal Affective Disorder. Doctors encourage patients to sit by/under their SAD lamp for a specific period of time each day (the amount of time varies from person to person) to help “trick” their body into thinking the sun is still out, and therefore, helping ward off the negative feelings.

Rearranging Sleep Patterns

Did you know that lighting plays a significant role in our bodies understanding when it’s time to be awake, and when it’s time to sleep. While our bodies can (and do) get tired even in daylight, and we all suffer with nights of sleeplessness or restlessness occasionally, on average, we tend to feel more relaxed and tired when lights are low (or off completely) and more awake and energized when we are in natural sunlight or in bright lighting indoors. While this could be a negative at home (which is why experts encourage using dim lights in the evenings and turning off televisions, phones, etc. that have blue screen lights). if you work in a commercial space such as a warehouse, LED lighting could work to your advantage. Traditional lights that had a dim, yellow tone could lead to employees struggling with staying awake and productive during a night shift. With LED lighting options, fixtures can be programmed to stay bright and mimic daylight conditions, which will aid in employees circadian rhythms adjusting to the schedule and will allow them to not only stay awake and work more easily during their nighttime shift, but will help their body regulate and allow them to sleep once they are home during the day (as long as they close the blinds and turn off those lights at home).

Making City Streets Safe

There have been concerns that LED lighting can actually cause problems in some conditions, and if not managed well, this could be true. Street lights that are switched to LED options that are too bright, and too white, can make it difficult to see at night when driving or walking since the light can, in some sense, “overwhelm’ your eyes. That’s why the quality of lights you choose, and making sure you purchase lighting from experts who know and understand the field, is vital in the performance of your LED fixtures. By choosing LED lights that can be set to a warmer glow, you still enjoy the benefits of low cost and less maintenance, while maintaining the health and safety of those who will be utilizing the lights.

At NetZeroUSA, LED Advantage, we know LED lighting, and we are prepared to help you make the best, most educated choice for your business space. From parking lots and security lighting systems, to indoor gymnasiums and college auditoriums, we know that not all LEDs are created equal, and each light we install needs to be specifically selected for purpose and function. We work with you as the business owner to make sure you will enjoy maximum benefits from your LED upgrade, and will feel secure in knowing that you got the very best in the market, whether you chose a brand new installation, or retrofit options. Give us a call if you are interested in finding out how LED could benefit you and your business.