LED Lighting Is on Santa’s Nice List….Is Yours?

Most kids have an annual goal to be on Santa’s nice list by the time Christmas rolls around, but did you know that businesses make it on his nice list too? That’s right! We believe that Santa gives good market to businesses that benefit their community, and the world around them. One way we can do that is by opting for environmentally-friendly provisions when possible, especially for utilities like energy and water that are so easily wasted. An easy, cost-efficient way to “go green” for your business is with your lighting choice. Commercial spaces are notorious for burning copious amounts of energy through their light sources, and over time, this is not only costly to the environment, but also costly to the business through their monthly energy bills.

This year, we are acting as “Santa’s elves” and encouraging businesses to consider LED options for their lighting needs. LED lighting offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Cooler operating temps
  • Less waste (fewer bulb changes means less material heading to the landfill)
  • Better quality lighting
  • More control over your lighting (programmable options)

Even better, LED lighting often doesn’t mean complete replacement of your existing lighting, but rather, choosing retrofit options that can be tailored to your current fixtures, thus transforming them into LED lighting without the labor, mess, and time it takes to take out old lighting and replace it with all new material. This is especially great around the holidays, when you need your lighting AND the installation process to be efficient as your office will need to be at its best as you ring in the new year.

This year, Santa is wishing for LED to light up the globe, and it could start with your commercial space. NetZero USA LED Advantage is here to help you find the perfect options for your business, and enjoy the savings that go with them in the coming years. Don’t end up on the “naughty” list because you’re using too much energy and losing out on money that could stay in your pocket. Get lit this Christmas and give the gift of LED to your company.