Want to Spend Less Time Worrying About Your Lighting: Switch to LED

Did you make the jump to LED this past year? If you’re starting 2019 with upgraded lighting in your commercial space, congratulations! You’ll be looking forward to a year full of better lighting and increased efficiency, all while paying less for monthly energy costs. Installing LED lighting takes a lot of worry off your plate compared to their traditional counterparts, so having them installed pretty much means smooth sailing from now on.

Unlike many systems in your space, your LED lighting will require very little maintenance to function at its very best for years to come. Big systems such as your Heating and AC units requiring monthly filter changes, annual inspections, and occasional “tune-ups.” But your LED lighting fixtures need little to no TLC from you throughout the year.

If you don’t switch to LED, this is how you’ll be spending your time…

  • Cleaning regularly and carefully. Dust, debris, grease, and other airborne “grime” can build up on your fixtures, leading to more wear and tear and decreased efficiency. Additionally, this type of build up can cause your lights to short out! You’ll be spending a lot of time to get up close and personal with your fixtures, and carefully cleaning them inside and out to remove all dust and dirt.
  • Repairing your lights. LED lighting lasts for years longer than traditional lighting options, so the likelihood of you experiencing any issues with your old lighting is pretty much guaranteed. When you do find that you have a light that needs to be repaired or have a part replaced, even if it’s from a mishap (accidents happen!), who knows if you still have the phone number and how long you’ll have to wait on that part? When you become a customer of NetZero USA, LED Advantage you have an ongoing relationship with us. If you need anything after installation, we are always available.
  • Ongoing inspections! Your traditional lighting systems require ongoing inspections on your existing lighting system. How much time are you spending inspecting your bulbs and fixtures for excess wear or issues to be caught early? If your lights are not repaired in time, they can turn into a BIG problem. You can’t afford any down (dark) time in any of your warehouses.

Businesses in the state of Florida know they can trust NetZero USA LED Advantage to provide the very best in LED lighting services. Our free energy audits let you know just how much you could save by switching to LED, and once you’ve made the jump, you’ll enjoy how much free time you have to focus on your business. Leave the lights to us!

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